Writing for Two

Della - almost 4 weeks

I haven’t posted here in a while, but I’ve got a good excuse β€” this little bug! She’s sleeping soundly beside me at the moment, so I’m typing with two hands for the first time in weeks. It turns out that the singlehanded hunt-and-peck-and-backspace-and-rehunt-and-repeck method doesn’t work for much beyond composing a few short journal entries and making minor edits to works in progress. No spurts of free-flowing creativity for me these days. But hey, since everything else is wildly new in my world, I need the revision work to balance things out. Rewriting is still writing, and writing is still what makes me feel normal. I don’t have much time for it, of course, but I’ve found that cleaning up just one paragraph every few days is enough to keep my membership active in that other world, if you know what I mean. So, enough blogging… on to the revisions before my bug wakes up and demands breakfast part four.

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