Here I am

I’ve owned this domain for over a year now, so I figure it’s about time I started blogging here. Since I’m a writer, you’d think blogging would come naturally to me — but that’s not the case. I’d much rather hibernate with private writing projects that only see the light of day (if ever) after I’ve had time to perfect them and someone else has agreed they’re good enough to put “out there.” Blogging is public and unendorsed and fast-paced and not my style at all — and that’s exactly why I’m doing it.

I kept a blog while I was working toward my MFA, but I only updated it every six months while on campus (it was a low-residency program) because that was an easy way to let family and friends know I’d arrived safely and hadn’t flunked out or something. I graduated ten months ago, and the blog promptly died.

So. Now what? I’ve been plugging away at projects according to my own schedule now, which is a crawl compared to the pace of an MFA program, and I’ve had a few pieces published here and there, but it’s not like I’ve signed some great book deal or something. For a long time I thought a blog would just be yet another thing to distract me from my “real writing.” But now I’m starting to think it might encourage me — because each post will represent progress, even when my bigger writing projects have temporarily stalled. Those big projects will keep moving forward, too, albeit slowly — and as they do, this will be the ideal place to talk about them. So. Here I am, and here you are. Thanks for reading.

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